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In the mid to late 70's Devon introduced a full length side elevating roof, the roof had 3 hinges on the drivers side with 2 gas struts at the front and 2 at the rear.

This produced a very easy to operate well balanced roof that can be lifted with little effort. A seal all round the roof cushions it when lowering and it is latched down by a couple of stainless catches front and rear.

The plastic elevating roof bellows was made in two choices of colour, either a chocolate brown, mustard and white stripe or a light green, olive green and white stripe. Three aluminium hoops inside give the bellows its shape.

Our replacement roof bellows are produced in plastic with welded seams and incorporate sleeves for attaching the support hoops as the original.

Replacement Roof Bellows in plain plastic


Replacement Roof Bellows in striped plastic

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Roof Hold down catches, these are in stainless steel, the catch attaches to the van bodywork with the hook plate fixing to the fibreglass roof, a C clip stops it from opening. £13.75ea
Elevating roof seal for the edge of the fibreglass £35.00
Replacement gas struts, it should be noted that these are marked vertical and horizontal, this refers to the inclination of the gas strut with the roof in the lifted position. 2 vertical and 2 horizontal. £129.00
Side hinges, in brass these hinges are identical to the original and come with holes ready drilled. £14.95ea



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